Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Customer Appreciation Program (CAP)

Often times, it's the really big companies that reap the benefits and savings due to volume. At Madeira USA, we appreciate all businesses, whether you're a single head company or 500+ head company. Which is why we were the first in our industry to implement a customer appreciation program (CAP) specifically geared to those of you who may not already receive discounts. Just because you're not a huge company doesn't mean you shouldn't be entitled to also cashing in on some savings too!

Weour customers. So, what is our Customer Appreciation Program? Madeira's Customer Appreciation Program (CAP) is our loyalty program - where the more you spend the more you earn in savings.  Goals are individualized and based on what you have spent in the past. You can learn your individual goal - and how many reward dollars you are entitled to once you reach your goal in sales dollars - by calling 800 225-3001 or by visiting madeirausa.com.

New for 2011, we've revamped our CAP program by adding additional program levels to meet various customer needs. To find out more, click here.

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