Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Embroidering on Performance Wear

Did you happen to read the June issue of Printwear magazine? If you work with performance wear, or if you are afraid to take on this challenging fabric, we recommend that you read this article: "Six Tips for Stitching on Stretch". Written by our own product specialist Nancy Mini and award-winning digitizer Pat Williams, they troubleshoot how to embroider on this popular fabric the correct way! Visit and turn to page 78 (page 72 if you're reading from the physical magazine) to read the full article.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't Be Afraid to Incorporate Metallics Into Your Embroidery Designs!

In the vast sea of embroidery that only uses a 40 weight Rayon or Polyester thread, an easy way to stand out from the crowd is to incorporate metallic threads into your embroidery repertoire. A good introductory metallic thread would be a 50 weight, such as our FS #50.

Pat Williams used FS #50 Gold 3 and FS #40 Astro - to achieve her elegant "Fit for a King" design. 

The "FS" in our FS metallic stands for "fine silver", referring to its actual metallic content. A thin metallic thread, FS #50, is the easiest to run, and often can be substituted in a design digitized for a 40 weight thread. It is capable of impressive shading and can produce letters down to 4mm high - perfect for small lettering on logos, fine monograms and filigree embroidery.
"Gold Fish" created using FS #50 and Classic Rayon #40 by Rich Medcraft, a digitizer in Washington.

Tips on experimenting with metallic threads:
  • If you're new to running metallic threads, start with our FS #50 and incorporate it into any design that's been digitized for 40 weight.
  • For FS #50, we recommend using a #75/11 large eye needle, although you may also use a #75/11 standard eye needle if you'd prefer.
  • Reduce the tension on your machine slightly and drop the speed down to 600-650spm.
  • Avoid designs with lots of small detail.

To learn more about running our FS #50 embroidery thread, feel free to request a FS #50 Recipe Card. Madeira's 22 Specialty Thread Recipe Cards will be released throughout the year. Click here for additional information. 

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