Friday, February 5, 2016

Some Thoughts on Frosted Matt

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with many embroiderers at the ISS in Long Beach, California. Not a bad assignment in January! I've had a presence at this large show for a very long time, and this year I realized something that I thought was noteworthy.

8 years ago, Madeira introduced the first true matte finish embroidery thread to the industry at this show. I welcomed many show attendees to our booth with the question, "Do you have any need for a matte finish thread?" Well, you'd think I asked them if they had any need for ill-fitting shoes: No!...What? ... Why would I want that?! And why are you spelling it Frosted Matt? Where’s the “e”?

Seven/ eight years later, embroiderers have either a) matured; b) become more open-minded, c) grown to realize the benefits of this high definition, color-fast, subtle, high end thread, d) all of the above!

I'm guessing that embroiderers are clever folk who keep up with trends, when they are not setting them. And they saw Frosted Matt, Madeira's matte finish embroidery thread, as a problem solver.

This year, hearing the same question, the answers I received from visitors were not so negative, but instead, “I haven't heard of it”, “tell me more”, “what is it used for”? And, “May I have a sample”?

Frosted Matt should come to mind for these applications:
     · Tone on tone
     · Extreme exposure to sunlight
     · Vivid color
     · Small lettering and fine detail
     · Fluorescent colors
     · Shading

So keep an open mind, ask for a sample, and see how this problem solver can add to the list of possibilities you offer your clients. I personally guarantee some oooooooh's and ahhhhhhhhhh's.