Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Spend an Hour on November 30th with Lee Caroselli and Madeira USA

If the holidays tend to increase your sales, inspire your creativity or simply push your buttons, you may want to sit in on a webinar on November 30th. Embroidery industry icon Lee Caroselli-Barnes, whose digitizing has won her not just awards, but the adulation of the industry, will be joining Madeira USA to talk about “Threads of the Season.” Since ‘tis the season to be thinking of snowmen, stars and random sparkles everywhere, Madeira USA and Lee will team up to talk about which threads you should be thinking about these days.

Since the temperatures head south, but not all of us can, using the heavier, 12 weight threads that contain natural wool or cotton fibers, are a nice way to go for holiday designs or for customizing gifts. Madeira offers a wool blend (Burmilana) and a cotton blend (BurmilanaCo), both 12 weight threads, that are ideal for this time of year. The webinar will include how to alter a stock design, or one you may already have, to accommodate these heavier threads.

Using shading and color blending, Lee’s specialty, will also be covered. With the ability to personalize or customize gifts, the images of the season on scarves, hats, gloves, make for very appropriate gifts. Doing up some samples and making them visible to your walk-in customers might do wonders to stir the imagination. Whether its color blending, or accomplishing shading through the use of combining matte finish with lustrous thread, it’s all about increasing your knowledge and what you have to offer your customers.

Ultimately, making an ordinary design extraordinary is the ultimate goal of this upcoming webinar. The link below will make it easy for you to register. Grab a cup of the warm beverage of your choice…turn the machine off…put your feet up…relax and see what Lee and Madeira USA have to share. Increase your embroidery know-how by adding to your arsenal of threads that you are aware of, can run with ease, and even up your price by up to 20% for the added value.

To reserve your seat for the webinar, click here.