Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stop Embroidery Stitches from Getting Lost!

With fall firmly here in front of us and winter right around the corner, embroidery jobs on fleece and similar high profile materials will likely rise. Make sure your embroidery looks great and really "pops" by making sure to use a water soluble topping!

When embroidering onto a high profile fabric (fleece, sweaters, terry cloth...), be sure to use a water soluble topping, such as Madeira's E-Zee Aqua® Supreme. A water soluble topping prevents the stitches from sinking into the pile and getting lost. When used on intricate designs, it is extremely effective in “elevating” the stitches and enhancing the detail.

The image on the left uses E-Zee Aqua on fleece. Notice the clear details in the lettering on the bottom. The image on the right does not use E-Zee Aqua and some of the embroidery is lost in the nap of the fleece fabric.

Used on top of a high profile fabric, such as fleece, the topping holds down the fabrics nap, or pile, while embroidering.  On sweaters, fleece, corduroy, and other soft knits, it stops the stitches from sinking into the pile and getting lost.

How to use E-Zee Aqua® Supreme Topping:
  1. Use a pre-cut piece of E-Zee Aqua® Supreme topping or cut off a piece from a roll to fit your hoop size.
  2. Hoop by placing on top of the garment, or you may simply lay a piece on top prior to embroidering the design (using tape to hold it in place may be necessary).
  3. Embroider the design and remove the embroidered item from the hoop.
  4. Tear off the excess topping and wad it into a ball.
  5. Using a steamer or spray bottle with water, moisten any left over pieces of topping on the design, giving it time to become tacky.
  6. Moisten one side of the excess ball of topping until it is tacky (you may need to add more topping to make the ball big enough to work with).
  7. Finish by using the "bubble gum method to remove the left over pieces of topping on the design by dabbing at them with the tacky side of the ball of topping.
For additional information on using our E-Zee Aqua topping, please visit our T.H. Reads instructional sheet here. Additional T.H. Read instructional sheets can be found here.

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