Friday, June 3, 2016

Think Light!

What are slippery, hard to pin down, and everybody wants them?

If you answered Customers, you are only part right. I was thinking of performance wear fabrics. You know, the slippery, stretchy, skinny fabrics that are used in the ubiquitous sports apparel you see everywhere from the grocery store to the golf course to gymnasiums across the U.S. and beyond. The growth of this category of apparel has outpaced every other in terms of retail growth.

And so, on Wednesday, June 22, at 2:30 EST (11:30 PCT.), Madeira USA will offer the industry a free webinar that will review the best way to approach this embroidery challenge in order to produce winning results. From thread choices to digitizing decisions, to best backing, to finished product, the hour-long webinar will cover all aspects of embroidering on performance wear. Madeira product spokesperson Nancy Mini will be joined by master digitizer and embroidery artist Rich Medcraft, who operates StitchWise Embroidery Design in Eagle Point, Oregon.

According to my colleague, Nancy Mini,   “How to get the best results on a fabric that seems to fight back is a prevalent question these days. We decided to collect many of the questions we hear from customers in our Customer Sales & Support department, and address them in a single webinar. We feel that by sharing the ‘best practice’ embroidery techniques that we advise our customers to try, with the industry at large, should help many who are struggling. The very concept of performance wear should not instill fear! (Nobody likes a fraidy-cat!)  Cotton pique golf shirts that embroiderers have embellished for years are one example, followed by stretchy running gear, light weight warm up jackets, yoga and exercise outfits, and slippery tank tops.”

As with all webinars that are offered by Madeira USA, questions are taken during the presentation, and all questions are answered and sent out to registrants so that everyone has a chance to have a solution to their embroidery challenge. Remember, if a customer wanting you to embroider on performance wear has not yet entered your establishment, they will soon. Be ready! Attend this informative webinar.


  1. Thank you I watched your excellent webinar, are there any notes available? particularly interested in the suggested settings for digitizing designs for spandex / lycra fabrics.
    Many thanks
    Kind regards