Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going Old School with Burmilana #12

As we face the winter months with repeat snow storms here in New England, we can’t help but want to surround ourselves with all things warm and cozy. Which is why we are especially inspired to embroider with our wool-blend Burmilana #12 thread around this time of the year. The fuzzy wooliness of Burmilana gives a hand-crafted look on garments and adds depth and texture, perfect for achieving a unique feel to your embroidery – part vintage, part folk art. It is also ideal for use with chenille and chain stitch embroidery attachments.

Working with Burmilana #12 isn’t scary or difficult. Here’s a few helpful hints when working with Burmilana #12:
  • Make sure your design is digitized for a #12 weight stitch density(.9 or 9).
  • A #100/16 large eye needle is recommended. The elongated eye means thicker threads can pass through easier than through standard needle eyes.
  • When using Burmilana, normal machine speeds need to be slightly reduced. Tension should also be adjusted to accommodate the difference in thickness and texture. Insider Tip:
You may also want to try our Schmetz FHS (Fixed Hook Setting) Needles. They're designed for heavier weight threads and do not require you to adjust the timing on your machine.
  • Remember to clean your bobbin case and rotary area out often. Canned air works great for this.
  • There’s no reason to be afraid of trying a specialty thread, such as Burmilana. With a little know-how, you can achieve amazing results.

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